Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We hold that the practice strictly. The privacy of our customers is important. And we will keep records retention, disclosure or use of your personal information as set forth below.

- Data protection is about credibility and trust. Your privacy is important to us. We will use your name or other information that is relevant to you. Only for the parties as set forth in this Privacy Policy. We will only store information that is necessary for such operations. We will only store information related to the business dealings between you and us.

- We will retain your information only as permitted by law in time to act. Or the time necessary for the purpose of storing the information.

- You can access or visit. And browse without having to provide any personal information during your visit. Status will not be disclosed. We can not identify you during your visit. Unless you have an account on the website and you can login using your account name and password.

Storage of personal data

When you create an account on the website Or give your personal information through the website. The information we collect may include information of these countries.

- Name - Surname

- Email

- Address

- Postcode

- Telephone Number

- Fax

- Mobile Phone

- The name - surname receiver

- Location for Delivery

You must submit the information to us. Authorized representative of Or delivered to the site only. And such data must be data. Authenticity, completeness and does not cause any misconceptions you may have to update your information up to date. And let us know about any changes we reserve the right to request additional documentation to verify that the information you provide is accurate.

We will store your personal information if you deliver information to us voluntarily's child. If you choose not to send your personal information to us or to withdraw consent to use your personal information. We may not be able to provide our services to you. You may need to access and modify personal information that you have delivered to us at the time as set forth below.

- If you deliver information to people outside of us. We will assume that you have the consent or permission of the relevant parties to disclose personal information and deliver it to us.

- If you subscribe to the site through an account Social Media (Social Media) or link to website accounts, accounts with Social Media you. Or use Social Media to other websites may access information about you that you provide voluntarily to account Social Media your way through a Social Media in the US under. policies of providers. We will handle your personal data obtained in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The use of personal information

We use the information we obtain from you or forwarded to third parties. For the benefit of the Company in whole or in part, as will be discussed below.

- To conduct or support services, and / or use of the website.

- To follow the orders of those who passed the site. The payout of the website for the product. Are managed by us and / or our agents.

- In order to deliver the product you have purchased through the website. We may forward your personal information to third parties for delivery to you.

- And to compare the data with the third party audit to ensure accuracy of information.

- We may use your contact information to send you information from us.

- In the event of an exception, and we are asked to provide personal information, such as for the purpose of law enforcement. Or compliance with laws, regulations, or any other requests.

- We can deliver your personal information to third parties. For purposes of the foregoing. In particular, to carry out transactions with the success. Account management, use of the Service. Managing relationships with other markets to follow the law. regulations Other requests We deem necessary In sharing information to such persons. We will do our utmost to ensure that third parties to maintain and protect your personal information from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure by unauthorized. Or other risks in the same way. And have to keep your personal information for the duration necessary for the parties mentioned above only.

Accessing your personal information

- If you want to see the personal information we have about you. Or want to know about the use or disclosure of personal information by us within the past year. Please contact us via e-mail We reserve the right to charge a reasonable deal. To browse the records.

- If you already have an account with the service. You may see details about your order. By logging in using your account on the site. In it, you can view details about the order completed or are still pending. Or to be shipped to you in a short time. Details on Bank You agree to manage the account name, password and other details of the order are confidential. And will not be disclosed to third parties without permission. We can not be responsible for any damage caused by using the account name and password details in the wrong order. Unless otherwise specified in the Terms of Service.

The security of your personal information.

We certify that all information collected will be stored securely. We protect your personal information by.

- Restrict access to personal information

- Provide a technological methods to prevent getting into a computer system without permission.

- Destroy your personal information for security purposes when such information is not required for legal purposes and more.

If you have reason to believe that your privacy has been violated by us. Please contact us via e-mail

Your password is the key for your account to use the service. Please use numbers Letters or symbols that are different. And never sharing passwords with others. If you share passwords with others. You will be responsible for various acts committed in the name or account through the use of the Service and the consequences. If you can not control your password. You may not be able to control your personal information or other data that is sent to us. You may have to accept any act done on your behalf. So if your password is revealed or is not a secret anymore that reason, any reason, you may believe that your password has been disclosed or is not a secret anymore. You are encouraged to contact us and / or change your password. We caution you out of your account and close your browser to use the service whenever you use a public computer.

We may use cookies or other programs similar to data storage. To enable us to provide better service faster and more secure for your privacy. Your access to and / or login to the website.

Cookie program A small text file. (Generally, only letters and numbers) that are placed on the memory of your browser or on your device when you visit websites or browse messages. This program allows us to recognize your browser or device by the specification. And enables us to provide content to suit your personal attention more quickly. And provide convenient and more useful to you.

Changes in our Privacy Policy

We will monitor the effectiveness of this Privacy Policy regularly. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Policy changes will be posted or published on the website.

Our rights

You acknowledge and agree that: We have the right to disclose personal information. The agency authorized by law. Agency regulation Government Sector Authorities about taxes Agencies in enforcing the law. And the other agencies involved. Or the owner of the rights concerned. If we have reason to believe that the disclosure of personal information that is necessary for the fulfillment of their duties. responsibility And management agreement Whether voluntary or forced. For the purpose of cooperating with the investigation and / or requests in the form of various departments under the force of law. You agree not to sue or prosecute any action against me, and waive any other rights or claims against us. That may arise from the disclosure of personal information under the circumstances mentioned above.