Terms of Service

Terms of trading

1. Definitions and Interpretation Unless the context requires otherwise. The following words have the following meanings in these terms. :

1.1 "Business Day" means a day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) at banks generally open for business in the thailand.

1.2 "Customers" means the subscriber is allowed to use the site. And / or services.

1.3 "Promises made to customers" according to the definition provided by Article 2.6

1.4 "Intellectual Property Rights" means copyright, patent inventions, utility. Trademarks and service marks Geographical indication domain name rights to design the layout. A registered design rights, database rights. Trade names and business The right to protect trade secrets and confidential information. The right to protect the value of the goodwill and reputation. And the rights are owned by other people similarly. And an application for registration of the things they said. Whether existing now or in the future. No matter where in the world Whether registered or not Benefits and privileges, the right to sue. The claim for damages And get relief or other remedies for infringement or misappropriation of any violation of any such rights.

1.5 "They get a refund of the seller" means the seller. Officers, directors, agents, employees, and contractors and their assignee of the seller.

1.6 "Seller" means "pralyn" established under the laws of thailand. Registration number xxxxxxxxxx, with offices located at 59 Moo 6. Tambone Samsuan. Banthaen District. Chaiyaphum.

1.7 "Sale price" means the price of goods displayed for sale to customers. As stated on the website

1.8 "Loss" refers to the amount of income to repay the cost (including fees and legal expenses on lawyers) fee litigation expense claims to the settlements. And other liability, whether foreseeable or not.

1.9 "Order" means an order of the transmission site conditions & Terms of trading.

1.10 "Password" means the password is correct, the customer has an account with the seller may be shared with a user name to access the site and / or related services.

1.11 "Personal information" means any information, whether true or not. Which can be used to identify, contact or identify your location. Personal information may include your name. e-mail address The address for sending the bill. The Shipping Address telephone number And credit card information

1.12 "Site" or "Website" refers to both the web and mobile versions of websites operated and / or owned by the seller, which is currently at URL: www.pralyn.net.

1.13 "Goods" means the goods are for sale to customers on the site.

1.14 "Vendors are third parties" shall mean the sale has been authorized by the seller to the site. And / or services to sell to customers. And exclude the Seller

1.15 "Services" means the services and functions provided by the seller on the site.

1.16 "Terms and Conditions of Trading" means 1 to 11

1.17 "Terms of Use" means the terms and conditions applicable to your use of the website. And / or customer service

1.18 "Trademark" means trademark mark Trade names and logos used and displayed on the website.

1.19 "Username" is the name or unique identification code to access the site, which is an indicator of customers who have an account with the seller.

1.20 "You" and "your" refers to individuals over 18 years old or otherwise be under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

2. Ordering

2.1 You must abide by the conditions: You agree to comply with the guidelines, instructions and regulations. And policy and advice about their purchases through the site. Including the amendment of any of the things mentioned above, the use of force by the occasional seller to the seller reserves the right to amend the rules of the practice. And policies and recommendations mentioned in any time and you acknowledge and agree to be bound by such changes when it is published on the website.

2.2 Details of the product: Although the seller will make every effort to provide an accurate description of the product. The seller does not guarantee that such information is accurate, current, or error-free, in any case, the product you receive is different from a significant profile on the site. You have purchased The enforcement body under Article 6 of the Terms and Conditions in this trading.

2.3 Seller: the goods are sold by the vendor.

2.4 The order of: You may place an order by filling out the order form on the website and click the button to complete. "Confirm Order", the seller will not accept orders sent by any other means. You are responsible to ensure the accuracy of orders.

2.5 Orders irrevocable and unconditional: Orders shall be considered irrevocable and without any additional conditions when placing the order through the website. And the seller has the right (But not an obligation) to process the order without additional consent from you again. And without any further reference or notice to you again, although in some cases provided for in Article 8 may be asked to cancel or amend the order.

2.6 Vendor Disclaimer About orders: The seller has the discretion to accept orders have sole and order each of the responses received by the seller is considered a separate contract. (Orders that have been received will be called. "Promises made to customers"), you have to accept that. Unless you can get your order accepted by the seller. The seller is not considered a legally binding contract between the seller and any person to sell or deal with other items. And hence The seller is not liable for any losses that may arise from such events in order to prevent any doubt that may arise. Seller reserves the right to use their discretion alone in refusing to perform or accept any order received by the website.

2.7 Cancellation by the seller if there is an error in the pricing: The seller reserves the right to cancel the contract with the customer. In the event of a pricing error on its website. In such cases, Seller will notify you of such cancellation via any channel. The seller has the right to cancel the contract with the customer in such cases, whether the goods are exported to, or during travel time. And whether there is a call for you to make a payment or not.

2.8 Warranty: The warranty on the product. ( "Warranty") is sold under contract to customers as stated by the seller through the website. And will be subject to restrictions under the terms and conditions thereof, the seller is not bound. Warranties and conditions of the warranty. Remedies for breach of warranty terms and conditions. Or any other requirements specified in the warranty terms are used interchangeably. Warranties and conditions other warranties, whether express or implied. Whether the requirements of the law or otherwise. Except as expressly set forth in the warranty. (Unless expressly prohibited by applicable law, in any case) the terms of the guarantee and warranty. Otherwise, whether express or implied, with respect to the product shipped.

2.9 Acknowledging the customer: You acknowledge and certify that you are not tied to the conditions required to guarantee the promise to influence or presence, any representations made by or on behalf of the seller, but not stated explicitly. the promise made to customers Or based on a description or information or any other publicly available specifications prepared by the seller. You further acknowledge and agree that exceptions guarantee. Disclaimer And exceptions to the remedies in the terms and conditions in trades and contracts with customers. The distribution of risk between the parties By allowing vendors to supply goods or services for less than the seller may do. And he admits that the exemptions from liability suits.

2.10 No representation or warranty presence: without prejudice to the provisions of Article 2.9 above.

2.10.1 There is no defined criteria considered are set such conditions. Or any guarantee or assume any guarantee regarding the lifetime or durability of the product delivery or warranty that the product is fit for purpose or use one provided specific. regardless of whether the seller knew or could have been aware of the purpose or later such conditions or not.

2.10.2 The seller has the obligation to comply with the product specifications commonly used in the sale of such products. It will not give details or a specific or deemed to have details that are legal or not, inter alia, detailed or specific to any such treats are only the opinion of the vendor. such stories only The seller does not give any guarantee about the quality status of its condition or suitability.

2.10.3 The seller is not liable for any measures and actions to be made by the customer or to a third party. And the consequences of that: an inappropriate remedy in damages. Change the product without prior agreement from the seller before.

2.10.4 The seller does not have any liability for any damages arising from any use of inappropriate or incorrect. Installing defective. Or tests used by customers or third parties. Deterioration from normal use. Intentional damage Negligence Working conditions that are not normal Moving the defect or negligence. Maintenance wrong. Heavy use limit Parts and materials to work improperly. Using bad Laying the base for a wooden roller coaster The effects of chemicals Technical electrical / electronic or electric customers or third parties do not follow the instructions of the seller. Using incorrect Or changes or repairs the product without the approval of the seller.

2.10.5 Seller shall not be liable for any loss caused to any third party, whether directly or indirectly. Caused by repairs or remedial work. Conducted without prior written approval from the seller before. And the customer must compensate the seller for any loss arising from any and all such claims.

2.10.6 The seller is not liable under any such guarantee. (Or any other warranty, condition or guarantee) if no payment for the products already on the due date for payment.

2.10.7 The seller does not have any liability in connection with any product defects that occur after the date of the warranty (if any).

2.11 Intellectual property :

2.11.1 Except with the prior written consent of the seller first. Customers must not remove or alter the copyright, trademark, logo, label registration number or identification mark, symbol or other annotations attached to any product.

2.11.2 Once the app delivers software applications, drivers, or other computer programs and / or design details. Manuals, technical manuals, drawings or other information or who (together called. "Order") by the vendor to the customer order. Use and Storage Data Sheet is subject to the terms and conditions of the license (ie license for final use restrictions or conditions of use) as may be determined by the seller. or a licensed vendor. And must not be used in addition to those defined by the terms and conditions of such regulations.

2.11.3 Customer acknowledges and agrees that Order will remain the property of the seller or the seller's license. Customers agree that any intellectual property that are in or related to the Order will remain the property of the seller or the seller's license, but only unilaterally. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the order. Book ahead or get the consent of the seller. Customer agrees to return Data Sheet. And / or a copy of such information when requested by the seller.

3. Delivery

3.1 Address : Delivery to the address you specified in your order.

3.2 Service delivery & packaging. : Service delivery and packaging specified in the order.

3.3 Tracking Products : You can track the delivery status of items on the page. "Check Order Status" section of the website.

3.4 The time frame for delivery : You acknowledge that the delivery of goods to the inventory. Seller will use our best efforts to deliver the goods to you within the time frame for delivery, as specified on the website. But he acknowledged that the stock data on the site is updated regularly, in some cases, items may be out of the process to update such information. The time frame to deliver all provided are approximate. And delays may occur. If the delivery of goods to be delayed. Seller will notify you via email and your goods will be sent out as soon as possible when a product is sold. The time for delivery is not considered critical. And the seller is not liable for any delay in delivery, whether caused by any reason.

3.5 Received : If the seller does not receive notice from you within 5 days of delivery of such goods. I assume you have already received the product.

3.6 Customers are not delivering : If the customer does not get delivered. (In addition to any reason beyond the reasonable control by the customer or by the fault of the seller) like this without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to vendors. Seller may cancel its contract with the customer.

4. The price of goods

4.1 Selling price : The price to be paid by the customer to include the selling price at the time of the order from the customer to the vendor.

4.2 Tax : The total sale price is subject to tax. Unless stated otherwise. Seller reserves the right to modify at any time for the sale, without giving reasons or prior notice.

5. Payment

5.1 General : You may pay for goods using any method of payment set by the seller at the time when sending the order. The actual payment will be charged only when the seller accepts your orders and contracts with customers already. Payment shall be made to the seller.

5.2 Additional conditions : Payment may be made subject to additional conditions set by the seller from time to time.

5.3 Method of Payment : You agree that you are subject to the terms of the related services for the method of payment. You may not claim against the seller or any agent of the seller. In case of failure, malfunction or error on any payment method you have chosen. Seller reserves the right to modify or cancel. Whether temporary or permanent, no matter which payment method at any time without any notice to you or to any reason.

5.4 Billing : Vendors may charge you up to date when payment is due under any contract with the customer.

5.5 Non-repayment : If the customer does not pay any of the terms and conditions of the payment method of their choice or a payment is canceled for any reason, the seller has the right to cancel the contract with the customer or suspend delivery until it is. payment in full Without prejudice to any other right or remedy which may be sold.

5.6 Refunds paid :

(a) Refunds shall be made through the payment mechanisms and to the person who paid it. Except for cash on delivery. The refund is made through bank transfer to the bank account of the person when the bank account details, complete and correct to the seller.

(b) The seller does not guarantee a refund will be credited to your account on time. The payment processing may take up to each bank. And / or the providers of the payment.

(c) Customer is responsible for all costs associated with returning the money collected by the Bank and / or the providers of payment refunding it.

(d) The refund will depend on whether the seller has accepted your return correctly.

(e) Seller reserves the right to modify the refunds at any time and without notice.

6. Return / replacement.

6.1 Return Policy : You can return it within 10 days, including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Counting from the date the customer receives the product until the postmark on the package you send back to the seller.

6.2 You may request a refund upon :

6.2.1 Get product distinct from the goods specified in the contract with the customer or.

6.2.2 Have been damaged or faulty goods.

6.3 The replacement or discount. : In addition to the return of the wrong or damaged under Article 6.2, customers may request a replacement product in question. The request is irrevocable upon request the seller to know. And customers may be asked to return at a later date in accordance with Article 6.2. If the product has not been replaced in a timely manner. The seller has the sole discretion to accept lower prices to customers in proportion to the reduced value of the product. However, whether the event will be like. The price reduction will not exceed 10 percent (10%) of the price of the product in question. When replacement Or reduce the price as mentioned above. Customers will not be entitled to any claim against the seller.

6.4 Replacement Product : When the seller to replace the goods or refund the customer. Products that do not meet the requirements. Or parts of such proprietary vendors. And upon request Products or components of such products should be transported back to the seller by the customer is responsible for the costs.

6.5 Risks of damage or loss: Customers are becoming risk of damage or loss of the goods at the time of delivery. Or if the client does not get delivered by mistake at the time the seller has offered to deliver the goods.

7. Questions, complaints

If you have questions or complaints, please contact the sales pages using the "Contact Us" on the site, the vendor will liaise with questions and complaints about you.

8. Cancel

8.1 Cancellation by you : You may cancel the contract before the merchant ship under contract with such a notice to the seller. If the goods are shipped. You can not cancel the contract. It may be a return to the conditions in Article 6.

8.2 Cancellation by the seller : This is without prejudice to any other rights of termination as specified in any of the other terms and conditions of this trading. Sellers may stop shipping any suspension of deliveries to customers. And / or cancellation of contracts with customers, effective immediately, on or at any time in the event any of the following. :

8.2.1 Under its contract with the client out why either.

8.2.2 Break your obligations under the contract with the customer.

8.2.3 Customers resolved to dissolve the company or a court of competent jurisdiction has ordered the dissolution or liquidation of the customer.

8.2.4 Ordered the comptroller or treasurer or estate manager, possession or sale of any assets or customers.

8.2.5 Customer agreement or settlement with creditors in general. Or request a court of competent jurisdiction to obtain protection for the debt settlement.

9. Perilousness and the ownership of the goods

9.1 Customers can become a risk for damage or loss of the goods at the time of delivery. Or if the customer does not get delivered by mistake at the time the seller has offered to deliver the goods.

9.2 The ownership of the goods does not pass to the customer until the sale will be cash or money transfer to pay the full amount. The price of commodities and other goods that have agreed to be sold by the vendor to the customer. Regardless of the delivery and passing of risk or in any other provision of this condition.

9.3 Until that time, ownership of goods passes to the customer. Customers must hold the goods on behalf of the Seller and custodian and maintenance product that is separate from its own customers.

9.4 During that time, ownership of the goods remains with the seller. The customer agrees with the vendor that the customer will notify the seller immediately to any matter that may arise and the seller of the property in the goods. And customers to give any information about the seller as the seller should know from time to time.

9.5 Until that time, the title to the property passes to the customer. The seller will retain the rights. To its customers to deliver the goods back to the seller at any time, in case that does not meet the requirements. Seller reserves the right to take legal action against the customer's return and the right to claim damages and other costs are included. But not limited to legal fees from customers.

9.6 Customers have the right to remove any items that remain the property of the seller to pledge. Or to secure any debt in any way, but if customers have done so. The money will be paid to customers, vendors will be immediately due and payable.

9.7 If the terms and conditions of Article 9 is not effective because the law of the country where the product is located. Shall be deemed to have adopted a legal doctrine that is closest to continue to use the property in that country shall apply mutatis mutandis to effect the original intention as stated in the conditions. And customers to conduct all necessary to cause such an effect.

9.8 Customers will pay to the Seller for any loss or damage. Costs and expenses And legal fees caused by all customers. Relating to the verification and enforcement of the rights of the seller under this Article.

10. Limitation of Liability

10.1 Customer specific remedies : The remedy prescribed in Article 6 as remedies for specific customers or sole. In the event of non-compliance or defect of goods.

10.2 The maximum liability : Regardless of any other provision of the Terms and Conditions in this trading. The maximum total liability of the seller to you. Or any other party for losses that are caused by or associated with the sale of goods under the contract with the customer. Shall not exceed the amount you have paid to the seller under the contract with the customer.

10.3 Exception of liability : The seller was not liable to compensate you for any losses that arise by any means. Whether directly or indirectly from. :

(1) The amount to be paid by the people who use the site, with respect to goods of any kind.

(2) Sales to You Or use of such products or be sold by the person.

(3) The defect caused by any deterioration from normal use. Intentional damage Applications without valid. Negligence, accident, storage disorders and / or conditions of work. change Or modify products Or failure to follow the instructions of the seller regarding the use of the product.

11. Common Terms

11.1 Reference to "seller" : In trading terms and conditions also apply to the actions of the seller on behalf of himself as a seller. And / or the site administrator. Or on behalf of the seller, a third party vendor for contract customers in every issue.

11.2 The modular : When any of the terms, conditions and requirements for trading, or become vested unlawful incomplete or may not be applicable in case of any legality, integrity and enforcement. The rest of the terms of this agreement will not be affected or be detrimental to. And remain in effect as if the following requirements are incomplete or may not have been forced to separate terms and conditions in this trading.

11.3 Governing Law : Terms & conditions of this trading is subject to and interpreted by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand. Agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Kingdom of Thailand.

11.4 Temporary protection : The seller may seek injunctive relief if the seller consider in good faith then. That the temporary restraining order or other injunctive relief to remedy the breach or non-conformity is the only reasonable and adequate.

11.5 Amended : The vendor may provide notice through its website or by other means to notify the Seller will be determined by the vendor. (Which may include a notice via e-mail), the seller may change the terms and conditions of the Terms and Conditions in this trading. Such changes will become effective on the date specified by the seller to the above. If you use the Site or Services after such date. Your acceptance of such amendments. If you do not accept the amendment. You have to stop access or use the Site and using the Services. And cancellation terms and conditions in this trading. Seller's rights to amend the terms and conditions in trades by such methods shared with the seller. And is subject to, as mentioned above, may also be valid without the consent of any person or entity that is not a party to the terms and conditions in this trading. Terms and conditions applicable to trading orders applicable to any version of the terms and conditions that were in effect at that time.

11.6 The error correction : Seller shall not be liable for any errors in the publication. prepare document Or any errors or omissions in any feedback invoicing. Or other document The Vendor Which may be revised

11.7 Currency : Funds referred to under & Terms of trading is Thailand Baht.

11.8 Language : Terms & conditions where trades are made or translated into any other language, Thailand. Thailand to enforce the version of the terms and conditions in this trading. And must be used before the foreign language.

11.9 In total contract : In trading terms and conditions constitutes the entire agreement between you and the seller with respect to the matters herein and replacement and replacement of understanding. Communications And the terms of a previously concerning matters herein.

11.10 Binding and final : You acknowledge and agree that any record kept by the vendor or provider of vendor-related or related sites and services. To be binding and final in any case and the evidence is final with respect to such information. And / or any data that is sent between you and the seller. You agree that all such records can be used as evidence, and he would not argue for or against the issue acceptable to use as evidence. Indeed, the accuracy or reliability of such records simply because such records are in electronic form or data obtained from the computer system. And waive any objection to such a person.

11.11 The contract period And delegation : The seller reserves the right to assign or subcontract to fulfill any of its obligations in connection with the fulfillment of their obligations under the terms and conditions in this trading. And reserves the right to use the service. Outsourcing And / or any agents on condition that the seller sees fit.

11.12 Reassignment : You may not transfer your rights under the terms and conditions in this trading without prior written consent from the seller. The seller may transfer its rights under the terms and conditions of this stock to third parties at any time.

11.13 Force majeure : The seller is not liable for not fulfilling their duty error interruption or delay in performing its obligations under the terms and conditions in this trading. Or inaccuracies unbelievable Or inappropriate content of any website. And / or If, in whole or in part. Whether directly or indirectly, Events or errors which are beyond the control of the appropriate vendor.